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STEM: 3D Printing!!! makes a Real Car that Drives on the Street...

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Dear Colleagues,

3D Printing has crossed a new Threshold:

A Virtual Car from a popular video game was printed in 3D, using real materials instead of ink, and the resulting Citroen-GT sports car is now Driving in the Streets... and on tour at Car Shows...

Allen Berg
Geometry Teacher

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curriculum and projects learning centers

And here is the link to the "3D Printing" Manufacturing Company:

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Dear Colleagues,


Here is the link from the 3D Printing Manufacturing Company: i.Materialise
showing the Design and Engineering process of the Citroen Concept Car and A Very Kool Youtube Video...

If you backtrack to their homepage they also explain one type of Laser 3D Printing Technolgy...

to be continued...

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