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Seeking Science Websites

Erden Celebi

I am seeking science education sites that focus on interactive activities, such as games, 3D virtual world and simulations. I welcome your recommendations. Thank you!

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PhET! http://phet.colorado.ed

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I spent the best part of a

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I spent the best part of a year collecting these. Hopefully many will be useful to you

university lecturer and English teacher

Illumin: Engineering in Everyday Life

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You might want to check out the excellent student-written online engineering magazine called Illumin at

Bias confession: I teach writing to engineers at USC!

Targeted Connections

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A commerical site I like is explorelearning with math and science simulations for grades 3-12.

HS Science Teacher

HS Science - Virtual Instruction

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A bookmarked list of websites that is being compilled by science educators for science educators, which includes many links that have interactive activies -
Add websites to this list by creating a personal account for free and bookmarking your favorite science websites. If you send me an e-mail with your delicious account name, I will network the two accounts :)

To Highlight a few Websites with Interactive Activities that are bookmarked on the delicious account

Jason Mission Center

Biology Corner

Cells Alive

Electro City

World Clock & Other Applet Activities

6-8 Campus Technology Specialist

For Middle School

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Whyville is a great virtual world!

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