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Wi-Fi Connections At School!!!

MICHAEL SMITH high school math teach

How are we as teachers, suppose to monitor students going to inappropriate web sites, when they are able to access the internet at school using Wi-Fi connection?

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Inappropriate Websites

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First, don't you have a filter? Our school has a filter for the worst sites, but there are still periodic issues.

We have a variety of things in place to keep our kids safe.
1- We go through safety standards and school rules and kids and parents sign an internet contract.
2- We have a monitoring system that alerts our computer administrator if any inappropriate or questionable terms are being searched. (even gun searches, which may be for a report on gun control) The admin then asks the teacher whose class the student was in at the time if it would be a legit search.
3- Kids log in to our network, so we can identify their activity even through a wifi.
4- To further monitor, I have classroom monitoring software on my computer, so I can monitor the kids in my lab all at once.
5- We have standard consequences in place that result from inappropriate web use.

We honestly don't have many problems, and kids are able to use the sites as needed for educational reasons.

You really do need to have your computer systems set up that you know who is logging in and the ability to monitor that activity. As a teacher in a media center or classroom, without the technology built in to monitor, you will not be as successful.

Good luck!

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