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Nova-Ember: Star & Fire: 15, 2010

Dear Geometry Teachers,

I have made a simple (black & white) corrugated cardboard model using two pairs of two equilateral triangles (each side is 4") that are notched halfway up and halfway bottom (called "Sliders") that slide together perpendicular to create two pyramids, which are then connected at their apexes by inserting a very thin straight piece of wire and then secured with a few drops of super glue gel.

The resulting model is quite dramatic in its simplicity and geometry.
I took two sets of photographs: Series #1 (using a black matboard background=23 photographs) and Series #2 (using a white matboard background=55 photographs) and posted them on my "Photos Fun" blog

If you view the photographs and want more information on how you and your students can easily construct the model and photograph its "drama" (and expand your imaging into creating youtube videos etc.)...and create further model variations and other types of simple geometric cardboard models (as PBL: Project-Based Learning),
simply let me know here at Edutopia STEM Group, or c/o of my email address...

There are cool websites about geometric model-making and cool books
as well...

Kepler's Apprentice,

Allen Berg

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