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WA STEM Help Wanted

Bill Marsh

Washington STEM is a newly-formed nonprofit organization that works to catalyze innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teaching and learning in Washington State. Washington STEM advocates for and impacts policies and practices that will rapidly scale STEM education innovation, support educators in preparing students throughout Washington State for success in postsecondary education and work opportunities, particularly those students who have historically been underserved.

POSITION: Chief Executive Officer
OPERATING BUDGET: $5.4 Million (projected 2011), to $10 Million annually
PROJECTED FUNDING: $100 Million over 10-years
COMPENSATION: Very Competitive Salary & Benefit Package. Initial Target of $250,000 Negotiable Depending on Experience


Fellow STEM Edutopians:

What do you think? It may be too strong a word, but this salary seems obscene to me. It seems to me that they look at money (for themselves) like STEM businessmen, not STEM K-12 or even university educators. (I don’t know what STEM employees and researchers get, though I expect there’s a wide range.) I wonder how well this CEO and a typical middle school science teacher would communicate and get along.


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