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Saturday Google webpage for "Search" has a cool animated BuckyBall

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Hi Folks,

I expected to hold-off til the holiday weekend was over, but I'm on my computer now and was about to do a Google search, and got stopped in my tracks by the cute little "animated BuckyBall spinning" for the letter "O" in "GOOGLE"...I love Geometry (long story... :-) so just for the heck of it, I clicked on the spinning "O" and wow --I was automatically connected to search results for "BuckyBalls and Nanotubes" and quickly found this amazing website with enough cool pictures and brief STEM definitions and explanations to create an entire curriculum online for high school students...

I got lost in the wonder and magic and science, until I came across a
very cool CAD website that required using "VRML" (?)... which I could not download on my simple mass-market laptop...

So I was wondering how VMRL works and if it is available to the general public, such as me and high school students...? or is it an expensive CAD program one needs to purchase or acquire through a University or Research affiliation, etc....?

I would like to collaborate on making Geometry Learning Centers for high school students...I make Icosahedrons with plastic drinking straws and white elastic thread, and if I'm really motivated, I make
"Kepler's Star" ("triple-stellated"... :-)

Which I strongly believe should be hanging in Every Principal's Office in the Country (and the world :-) ...and in every classroom too... K-University...

Caretaker of Wonder,

Allen Berg

thank you for your consideration...

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