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Preschool STEM

Preschool STEM

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I have become very interested in preschool math since helping with the activities described at blockfest.org and reading the National Research Council’s "Mathematics Learning in Early Childhood: Paths Toward Excellence and Equity.” I highly recommend “The Block Book,” edited by Elisabeth S. Hirsch,to anyone in this group with interests in Early Childhood Education. The chapter in it by Kristina Leeb-Lundberg titled “The Block Builder Mathematician” contains wonderful memories from Frank Lloyd Wright about unit blocks. The chapter begins as follows. “A Child’s artistry in – and feeling for – block building is closely related to the true mathematician’s view of mathematics as a creative art. The aesthetic pleasure that adult mathematicians experience when they contemplate shape and form and their properties is similar to the pleasure and joy that children experience when they build. Blocks give children an entry into a world where objects have predictable similarities and relations. They can be explored and experimented with and, because of their specific shape be absolutely relied upon.” Does anyone else have experience with or ideas about the intersection of early childhood and STEM education?

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Mi-Ra's picture

I also would like to get more information on introducing STEM education to age 3 to 9 students.

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I don't know of any one curriculum that can provide you with this, however, a combination of books I draw from are Doing What Scientists Do along with ASTA and NCTM resources for those age groups are very helpful.

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