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Science Projects at Green Fair

Science Projects at Green Fair

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I brought my display of science toys; mousetrap cars, solar model cars, water rockets, and electric motors to a "green fair" yesterday. The turnout was disappointing but the feedback I was getting was great. One young boy told me how he had designed and built a radio control car using cheap stuff and how he has friends that like to do the same sort of things. Parents and grandparents looking for science projects for kids. Almost everyone that stopped by took a ScienceGuy.Org card. Bill Kuhl

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Thanks for showing my son your cars and rockets. This morning I built a plastic bottle pressure rocket and launcher using a bike tire tube valve and wine bottle cork for the launcher. I made the top very loose so the parachute came off every time as long as I kept it dry. It typically launched at around 30 - 35 psi. I uploaded a video of one of the launches on you tube.


And attached are a few pictures for a closer view.

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Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

Thanks for sharing that feedback. Love the video! Looks like a great project. Can you post the "how to" here?

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