STEM education provides many opportunities and challenges. How can our practice evolve to meet the needs of 21st-century learners?


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Globaloria is a new course offered in selected schools across West
Virginia. Students learn to create educational web-games using a social
network for learning. In the Globaloria class students work
independently and in small teams to develop their original games from an idea to a finished product.

Students learn hands-on through an online
game design and programming curriculum (not a textbook) using
Adobe Flash. They learn to use a wiki, make social profile pages and
team game pages,produce and post interactive game content, prototype
videos, simulations,graphics, music and sound effects, and write blogs
about their gaming ideas and content research. They collaborate and
receive feedback from classmates,educators and students at other
schools, and professional game makers. This course is suitable for
students at all levels (no prior web design or programming skills are
needed). Globaloria students can also enter game competitions and win

West Virginia is leading the nation in offering college-level
game-making courses at public schools to target STEM learning and Civics engagement.Support for Globaloria is provided by Governor and FirstLady Manchin, the West Virginia Department of Education, the WV
Department of Education and the Arts ,Benedum Foundation, Verizon WV,
Knight Foundation, Caperton Fund, West Virginia University, and Marshall
University and the World Wide Workshop Foundation. The Globaloria
Curriculum has been customized for different grade-levels (in
middle school and high school) and applied to various topics and
subjects(Mathematics, Social Studies, Biology, etc.) When taught as a
Game Design I and II course it uses WVEIS #7692. It’s aligned with West
Virginia’s Content Standards (CSOs) and 21st Century Skills (Global21).
Comprehensive professional development summer training programs and
ongoing training is supported throughout the academic year are provided
for participating educators,principals and superintendents. To apply,
please click

There are some groups outside of West Virginia who are using Globaloria.

- Note that we do NOT support/provide "Globaloria Professional DevelopmentTraining and Resources" unless to educators who are selected bySuperintendents and principals, and who are fully committed (and funded) to deliver and lead Globaloria courses in their schools, daily90-minutes per day, two semesters, 1:1 computers, high speed Internet, Flash, etc..
The requirements..

Infrastructure Requirement page and application
link in West Virginia as an example:


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