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Study: Smartphones in algebra class increase student achievement (Edweek)

Study: Smartphones in algebra class increase student achievement (Edweek)

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New study found that using smartphones for algebra class increased students' achievement: http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2010/03/18/26smartphones.h29.html “It has changed the way I feel about math,” says Janet Cagle, a sophomore at Dixon High School who took geometry through the Project K-Nect program during her first semester this school year and now uses her smartphone for Algebra 2. “I used to think it was just letters and numbers—you get an answer and move on. Now I can look up why you do things or who came up with different ways to do the math problems.” Have you utilized smart phones in any of your classes to change how a kid feels about a subject? I found this really powerful!

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