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iPhone/iTouch Applications for Instructional Purposes

Phyllis Brodsky Program Coordinator, Project FOCUS, University of Arizona

I am a special education teacher with a long standing interest and involvement in assistive technology. Although this is often categorized as a topic related to special education, it is directly connected to the field of computer science and engineering. Most recently, iPhone and iPod technology has taken an amazing turn towards varying supports of people with disabilities, specifically in the area communication and voice output. The implications are exciting and far reaching! I am interested in knowing what experience anyone has had in this area. Proloquo2go is the most sophisticated augmentative communication app ($189). Has anyone seen it used? What about other apps? Is anyone using specific apps in their classroom instruction? Is anyone teaching the design and development of apps?

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Middle school ELL teacher from Oregon

Best Free Apps I've Found for ELL

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Hi Phyllis,
I am a middle school ELL teacher. I posted my favorite free iPod Touch apps (without ads) that I'll be using with my students this year. Please let me know what you think.
Best Free Apps List on My Blog

Fifth grade teacher from Columbus, Ohio

I haven't used iPad/iTouch

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I haven't used iPad/iTouch with my classes yet, but my daughter is in High School and almost all of her teachers are incorporating iTechnology into their classes. This has been most helpful in foreign language and with vocab in all subjects using MentalCase (i-app)

High school government teacher at a career and technical school in Ohio

Using Touch Technology in the Classroom

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I am a high school government teacher from Ohio. This past year my school had purchased a number of different Touch Technology for the teachers to implement in their classrooms. We have 4 iTouch carts each with 25 devices and six of us teachers have been given iPad carts with 25 tablets for our students. It has been an eye opening experience.

I am the only teacher out of the six that uses a number of different applications in my classroom, but they are mostly Social Studies related. However their are a number of teacher apps that you may find helpful.

Applications for Teachers:
- TeacherPal
- Groovy Grader
- Idea Sketch
- Flash Cards
- NoteMaster
- Prezi Viewer

Being that we use the iPads in my classroom as a full time educational tool we utilize Google Docs for almost everything. Student assignments, notes, tests, quizzes, and collaborative group projects. You should really check it out. Using Google in connection with the iPad has given us a paperless envirnoment which really puts our students in touch with the future. Your school can even create Google accounts for all your students and you, the teacher, can manage those accounts for document sharing and email.

Here are some good websites for how teachers are using different apps in their classroom. If you get the chance they are worth taking a look at.

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