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What concepts are needed for teaching material for model plane project?

Darcy Whyte Model Aviation and Creative Problem Solving

I am putting together some lesson plans and such at

Can anybody give me some ideas?

I've got a couple of short articles there now.

Any feedback?

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High school Aerospace Technology teacher in Tampa FL

Just a note. Maybe you've

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Just a note. Maybe you've seen the paper airplane with three straws intersecting at the middle (Ceneter of Gravity); one vertical, one lateral and one longitudinal to demonstrate the 3 axes of flight for yaw, pitch and roll respectively. Easy to make and great to use for axes of flight concept.

Technology Education teacher & Dean in NYC Public High School (9 - 12)

Bone up on Bernolli's

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Bone up on Bernolli's Principle as it relates to the physics of lift on an airfoil - You can make an inexpensive wind tunnel from a clear acrylic tube with a variable, 3 speed, or single speed fan at one end - Then suspend a small section of an airfoil connected to a pivot (light hinge) w/interchangeable counterweight attached into the wind tunnel - Turn on fan observe rising wing section and play with changing the weight vs. wind speed from fan - Have fun, hope this helps

Basics of Building Models Airplanes

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My latest article gives the basics for building the model planes without buying kits.

Bill Kuhl

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