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The T&E in STEM: Technology Engineering Education

The T&E in STEM: Technology Engineering Education

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Greetings, I teach Technology Engineering Education. It is not only computers nor is it your father's shop class. What we at MassTEC want is a liaison with the Engineering community who can support what we do and help us make real-life connections with our students. We help spread positive ideas regarding the T&E of STEM to all school children who have Technology Engineering education in their schools. Sadly this does not mean all schools as it should under the school reforms of 1993, 2003, and the current revisions. The lens I'd like you, interested staff, and students to look through is our angle on STEM. We use math & science as tools to solve problems in tangible, testable ways. I hear that you want to help infuse a more scientific & math sound way for us to help our students use their knowledge to build mental connections from theory to real application. In real life, our school is one of the "greenest" in Massachusetts: http://www.bhrsd.org/mvrms/Greenschool%20Article%20%282%29.pdf and http://www.archive.org/details/BHRSDNewBuildings Let's look at ways we can collaborate in the future. Also, I've attached my work on making Technology Engineering Education more gender equitable including this JTE site: http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejournals/JTE/v19n2/mccarthy.html and my article in The Technology Teacher: http://www.iteaconnect.org/Publications/TTT/oct09.pdf and our Masstec website is chock full of STEM ideas: http://masstec.org/conference.html It is my belief that the same techniques and timings of learning experiences would help girls/young women/women to see STEM as a place for them to explore their futures. Please contact me to share more ideas! Thank you. Ray Dr. Ray McCarthy MassTEC President Technology Education Teacher Monument Valley Regional Middle School Great Barrington, MA 01230 email: ray.mccarthy.masstec@gmail.com

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