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Weigh in on Waiting for Superman

Weigh in on Waiting for Superman

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Yesterday, on Oprah's Show, she hosted a discussion about the "crisis in American education" with Waiting for Superman filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee and Bill Gates.

Alas I was not able to see this, but I poked around Oprah's site and found a very sensationalized trailer, as well as an excerpt where Rhee defends her practice of laying off teachers who are not "showing results."

I also watched the Twittersphere erupt with comments about Waiting for Superman, as they were listening to Oprah's show. Clearly, the show was whipping people into a panic. Check out how many people are saying "You must see this movie!" in their tweets. Great PR, but is it really helping the discussion?

I'm interested in hearing how educators feel about this issue. Have you seen Waiting for Superman? Did you see the Oprah episode? What do you make of the media frenzy surrounding these issues?

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