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how can I make a change at my school - what can I do?

how can I make a change at my school - what can I do?

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One way for parents to make change at their school is to go there. Go to PTA meetings and leadership meetings. Even helping out in the classroom gives you a presence on site enabling you to see for yourself what is going on and how you can help make things happen. I felt that my kids school was not communicating with parents very well and ended up volunteering to edit a weekly newsletter. Needless to say, I learned what was going on big time, but I also got credibility from teachers and administrators when I had an issue I thought needed addressing. I went on to sit on the leadership team at each of my kids schools and learned a lot about how schools work and how much change can actually happen at the local site. Leadership teams generally meet once a month and are open to the public, as are school board meetings. These are great places to get your ideas heard because generally, the public is not more than a handful of people. It's my experience that these elected officials (school board members and school site leadership members) get so little input from their constituents that they are usually open to and welcome new ideas.

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