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leader for PBL school?

Jessica Pena

Hello - I work for a nonprofit in Philadelphia, Congreso de Latinos Unidos. We are planning to open a charter school (Sept. 2010) that will utilize PBL as a primary strategy to engage students in learning. We are in the process of building the staff and I am especially focused at the moment on searching for a principal and PBL instructional leader (i.e., a fully released master teacher). If you have any ideas on strong candidates or good places to post to attract PBL-interested folks, please send me an email. I can provide more details on the school and the positions.
VP, Congreso

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Project based learning

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Can someone tell me if PBL is different than Inquiry based learning? It seems it is a part of it, yet this website doesn't use the same lingo.

Project Learning Consultant for PBL Associates

Big Difference between PBL and Inquiry Based Learning

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PBL is Project Based Learning, which means there is a specific project with a very structured design. For example, projects have a driving question to focus the inquiry process, and a publically presented final product to practice presentation skills. Inquiry learning is an important part of any project, but the project is much more.

Educational Consultant-former teacher in high school

Who to choose? Always a tough decision.

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You actually need an amazing team of people to work in the school. Obviously, the principal sets the tone. First of all you need a team that inlcudes the following people--a Promotor (the principal, and a recruiter ), a designer (some one who can organize the technology and curriculum), an implementor ( an outstanding trainer and person who can help the teachers with pd throughout the year), and an Evaluator ( the principal and vice principal) I am sure you have done your research by visiting other PBL Philadelphia schools, High Tech High in San Diego, Explore Academy in Las Vegas. There are two outstanding professional development (PD) groups that you can talk to - Techknow and associates on the east coast and the Buck Institute on the West Coast. I am sure you have visited the INACOL sites for suggestons on vendors and Rubrics. Make sure you investigate to many Learning Management System organizations such as Blackboard. Just some thoughts, feel free to email or call me if you want to share ideas.

Education and Outreach - Arts for Social Change Director

Go for Early Childhood Educators

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It may seem a bit out of the box but those who started in Early Childhood know constructivist learning better than others because its the core of the philosophy. I'd recommend you look for an ECE who has moved into the upper grades and gone on for their principal endorsement.

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