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Conditions that support project learning

Conditions that support project learning

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Some essential conditions need to be in place for pbl practices to really take hold and so kids can accomplish marvelous things. I've been doing some pbl program planning recently and I need your advice. We all know PBL works best when certain conditions are in place. What would you say those essential conditions are? I know teacher characteristics, intentions and methods are key, but outside the teachers and students, what else? I'm starting a list and I wonder if you might add to it. Additionally, sometimes the removal of barriers is important, too. Essential Conditions for PBL strong implementation * A school culture that tolerates, even encourages, the sometimes messy chaos of student-directed learning. * Access to any technologies that support the teaching and learning enterprise * A system of accountability that causes a teacher to demonstrate --and parents and administrators to understand-- that rigorous learning aims are met though the PBL. * ? Remove barriers * Reconsider when and where learning takes place. Structure some flexibility (oxymoron!) into the school program so spaces and time are less of a limiting factor. * ? I appreciate your help!

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