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The Educator 500 Award recognizes innovative student projects

Gingi Wingard Partnership and Curriculum Coordinator, 3E Institute, West Chester U.

I'd like to tell you about the Educator 500 Award presented by the 3E Institute at West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

The Institute for Educational Excellence and Entrepreneurship (3E Institute) of West Chester University established the Educator 500 to recognize, reward and support entrepreneurial educators who create original, exciting learning opportunities for their students. If you have developed such a project – alone or with a team – consider becoming an Educator 500.

Getting this award for your project means:

• You will be recognized at a major educational forum and receive a stipend.
• Your project will be disseminated through 3E's digital community.
• You may participate in exciting 3E events – networking, seminars, workshops.
• You may apply for 3E seed grants for projects.
• You may enter into the next level of 3E programming.
• You may receive an electronic seal to put on your web site.

If you would like to submit your project(s) for the Educator 500 Award, please visit our website to fill out an application form. At our homepage, under the picture on the right hand side of the page, you will see an oval circle labeled “Educator 500”. If you have already visited our website and are a registered user, just fill in your user name and password and you will be able to view the application. If you have not yet registered, click on the “Not Yet Registered?”- “Educator 500 Projects” link and fill out the requested information. When you have successfully registered under the “Teacher”, “School Administrator” or “Educational Entrepreneur” role, click on the Educator 500 oval and the site will then allow you to fill out the required fields on the application form. Hit “Submit” to send us your application.

If your project is selected for the Educator 500 award, you will be recognized at the 3E Institute’s Annual Business and Education Leadership Forum on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at the Union League of Philadelphia, 140 Broad Street, Philadelphia at 8:00AM. This is an outstanding opportunity to highlight your accomplishments and to meet with key leaders in the region’s business and education communities. Travel expenses will not be provided, however you may participate virtually.

If you have any questions, please contact me by calling 610-430-4407. or

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