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How is PBL like/unlike UbD (Understanding by Design)

How is PBL like/unlike UbD (Understanding by Design)

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two years ago i was introduced to UbD - an approach to curriculum and instruction that challenges teachers to 'think backwards' (beginning with desired results, moving through essential questions and, lastly, ending the planning process with the final daily, hourly, minute-by-minute plans for how and when to teach/present certain aspects of the topic. one central concept to UbD is that students will be evaluated according to a 'Performance Assessment' tha is essentially a project that allows students to demonstrate their knowledge (in Bloom's sense of the w0rd) in several ways. that is a very simplified/brief coment on UbD for anyone unfamiliar with that concept. now, based on what you know about one r both of these approaches to curriculum/instruction/teaching/learning, what similarities and/or differences do you see between the two approaches? please comment on here at length or in brief. thanks, Zane

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