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Where can I go to observe pbl in action?

sharon foster

I am a curriculum coach for a charter school in Phoenix, AZ. I am looking for pbl classroomsteachers/ to send our high school teachers into for observations. Can anyone help me?

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Project Learning Consultant for PBL Associates

PBL Observations

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San Diego High Tech High? Is that too far?

Observing PBL elementary schools

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Teachers in my school have the opportunity to visit schools around the world to observe programs that we can bring back to implement. I would like to visit elementary schools that are strong in using PBL. Can anyone recommend any such schools? Thanks so much!

Middle School, Tucson, AZ

High Tech High in San Diego

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High Tech High in San Diego is inspirational, but I know that they are limiting visits to one hour, one campus (they have several at the same site)because they have so many visitors. But they do offer 2 day residencies where they have workshops but you can also visit classes, talk to teachers and to students. We took several people at the end of January and they came back believers. The next one is in March.

If you would like to visit a middle school that is in the midst of PBL transitioning and has teachers and projects who are at various levels of expertise, then come a little south to Tucson and Utterback Magnet Middle School. We are a work in progress, but we love to show what we are doing.

Seventh Grade science teacher from Orinda, California

End of May, Sept and Jan

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Come see two projects in action: Grow Food and Take Action. It's 7th grade but applicable to HS, within a standard school day. Both projects have been running for long enough to have the kinks worked out. See to see if it's the sort of thing you are looking for. Sue

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