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Promoting Science at Film Festival

Bill Kuhl

I spent most of yesterday at a local film festival promoting my science website with a display of various models I had which could be projects for students. Among the models were mousetrap cars, solar cars, rubberband powered cars, water rockets, foam gliders, and electric motors. To bring more people to my booth I flew a really lightweight radio control plane over everyone.

A lot of good questions and people seemed interested, I wasn't selling anything, just handing out cards for my website. My hope is to generate interest from schools to do workshops but only one person from a school inquired about the possibility.

It was really fun and plan to do more this.

Bill Kuhl

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What a stimulating exhibit,

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What a stimulating exhibit, Bill. I know that students would enjoy learning how cars and rockets function scientifically.

Congratulations on such engaging teaching and learning.



Promotion of Science is Not Easy

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Thanks for the comment. Although no one has contacted me yet, about future demo's or more questions, I plan to do more of this in the future. I also had a small local area magazine ad come out at the same time. My Google Analytics counts barely went up. I am on a mission to improve science awareness because I see it as essential for society to continue on this planet.

By the way, there are a couple of pictures from the film festival on my website opening page.

Bill Kuhl

Seventh Grade science teacher from Orinda, California

Agree with your comment about science and the future!

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Checked out your website too. Have a few suggestions to improve your traffic and uptake.

Consider twitter and a blog for how you use your demos. Twitter can be used to notify people with similar interests (use a '#' then topic name ex."#scienceteacher) of updates, plus you get to find out what they are doing.

Consider putting up a complete but brief website instead of an ambitious but incomplete one. And be super careful with checking for typos. You might also want a really professional looking pic of you doing your thing. I think then you'd have good uptake for what look like really cool activities that many physical science teachers are really looking for.

Hope this is useful Bill. I totally empathize with how hard it is to promote a science idea.


Thanks for Your Input

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Sue, Thank you for your many good ideas. There is so much I want to do to improve on the website but there is only so many hours in a day. I will have to look through for the typo's, I know you can read through things many times and miss the same thing. Many people sure talk up Twitter but I personally have not caught onto the value of it. I do not have a big love of Facebook either but I see more views coming from it.


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