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Flight/Aviation in the classroom

Flight/Aviation in the classroom

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This is an easy to make airplane that can be used in Science and Math classes: http://www.rubber-power.com If anybody has any questions, comments, feedback, please feel welcome! I'm trying to build some notes for teachers on this page: http://www.rubber-power.com/Education.htm My email is darcy@siteware.com Darcy

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Amy Erin Borovoy (aka VideoAmy)'s picture

In Seattle, there's a high school that is entirely project-based, around aviation themes, called Aviation High School.

You can check out Edutopia's video about the school here. While they have great access to make partnerships with companies like Boeing, being in Seattle, I think some of the lessons could be modified to work anywhere!

Larry Langley's picture
Larry Langley
Journalism, English language arts, theater arts, reading and yearbook

NASA has some wonderful and free hands-on activities. One of them is called Right Flight--the lesson plan comes with instructions on how to create a glider.Another lesson plan that comes with instructions for a space shuttle is Educational Brief Space Shuttle Glider. There are more ideas at NASA.gov under educators/teachers.

Larry Langley's picture
Larry Langley
Journalism, English language arts, theater arts, reading and yearbook

Bill and Marcy,
Hope your summer is filled with rest, relaxation, and just a little excitement and adventure.

Bill Kuhl's picture

This summer I am going to teach a College for Kids class, normally it is model airplanes but this year going to try mousetrap cars, solar model cars, and possibly water rockets. Maybe some foam gliders also. No doubt it will be an adventure.

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