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Web sites with free resources for PBL?

Malaika Costello-Dougherty Former senior editor at Edutopia.


I've been working on a story about the best free Web resources for teachers.

Anyone have experience using the Envision School's Project Exchange site?

Or have any sites you'd like to share?

I'm all ears (and eyes).

Thank you!


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Director of Program Strategies, National Youth Leadership Council

Mathalicious and SLICE

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One new website I stumbled across through the New York Times's Economix blog is Mathalicious. Its in its early stages and doesn't have a lot of project-based learning plans yet, but there are a few that look intriguing. And all the activities I've looked at do a nice job of blending math concepts with real-world application.

One other terrific free website is the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse's SLICE. It has a searchable database of projects funded by Learn and Serve America at all grade levels and subject areas.

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