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New to PBL - Any Suggestions?

Richard Fair Middle School Computer Teacher in Jacksonville, Florida

I am a computer science teacher in middle school. I have been reading almost everything I can about project based learning and I am very eager to give it a try. As a "newbie" I am a bit hesitant to start. I have read a lot about how to use technology with PBL, but I am having some trouble coming up with a PBL that teaches and uses computer applications and/or programming. Any suggestions on settling on a "real world" case perspective to launch my endeavors into PBL?

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Hi Richard, I'm looking

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Hi Richard,

I'm looking forward to what the other community members have to say. In my research, I just came across what looks like a promising resource from the Buck Institute on other sites to help put PBL into practice:

I know our moderator Tristan may also have some thoughts....

Keep us posted.



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