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How is PBL graded?

How is PBL graded?

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I am new at teaching or facilitating PBL. I have been taught and trained through college and my career the traditional ways of teaching. Therefore, I am used to grading practically all work that is turned in. I need to get away from that. So, my question is how? How do I grade PDL projects? How do I monitor progress throughout projects besides through informal observations? Do you give a grade for the finished work and their work habits (behavior)? I have a ton of questions when it comes to PBL. Me along with the rest of the 6th grade team is moving to a new 21st Century building Jan. 4th 2010(equiped with more up-to-date technology capabilities) and are being asked to teach PBL. I have so many ideas, but how do I hold each student accountable (grading) when so many will be at different spots in their learning? I teach in a rural, low income community and have 116 students. Three quarters of my students are Hispanic and many are transient, which makes record keeping more difficult. Please give me any suggestions or examples of how you do this. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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