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PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

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Are you planning to attend Edutopia's PBL Camp? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us a little about yourself, what you teach, grade level and location. We look forward to "meeting" you!

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Cheryl's picture

Hi! My name is Cheryl. I teach English at an Alternative High School. I love using PBL in my classroom and look forward to learning more and getting some fresh ideas for the next school year.

Sarah Marin's picture

I am currently an ESL teacher in South Korea but before that I spent time working at charter schools and teaching environmental awareness (through gardening and art). I'm excited to be a part of this camp and learn how to effectively use PBL in the classroom.

DJ Meincke's picture
DJ Meincke
Chemistry and Science Teacher in Bangkok

I've been using PBL in math and science in middle school and high school in Thailand. I've only picked up on it from reading about it on sites like this one, but I've had a lot of success. I am looking forward to learning more.

Tiffany McDonald's picture
Tiffany McDonald
Parent Involvement Coordinator

Hi, I am excited about the PBL camp. My daughter attends a Charter School in Cleveland and they use the PBL curriculum and when I say she is learning so much and understanding what she is learning... it makes me want to learn more about this curriculum.

I am a Parent Involvement Coordinator for the Grantee Head Start Program, CEOGC, in Cleveland Ohio. I have been in the education/social service/non profit field for 7 years. I absolutely love working with children and families

Earl Deen's picture
Earl Deen
Principal Pine Grove Elementary School

Hello, Many of my teachers and I are excited to begin our 2010-2011 with PBL. We are meeting at the school in our computer lab to work on the the PBL Edutopia modules and discuss ways of implementing what we believe will take our students and teachers to the next level. We are using technology in new ways and cannot wait to see how the students react to this new way of learning.

Cary Speer's picture

Hello. I was not able to register for the PBL summer camp but will be following along so that I can implement this with my students in the Fall.

caryn purcell's picture
caryn purcell
7th & 8th grade teacher from Connecticut

hi, i'm a 7th and 8th grade science teacher and department chair in new canaan, connecticut.

kerry Armstrong's picture

I love PBL because my students LOVE PBL.

I have taught all age groups over 25 years throughout British Columbia. My main focus over the past few years has been on Universal Design for Learning www.cast.org....David Rose from Harvard offers all his resources for free at the website!

PBL and inquiry have made all the difference for creating access to curriculum for each child.

I look forward to hearing more about your work.

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