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PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

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Are you planning to attend Edutopia's PBL Camp? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us a little about yourself, what you teach, grade level and location. We look forward to "meeting" you!
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caroline's picture
K-8 Teacher, one room school

So happy to see this offered! I'm interested in doing some project based learning in my science classes for next year, especially Middle School Physical Science and the K-5 general science (we are studying ecology).

I teach in a K-8, public, one room school house on a remote island in the San Juans, WA.

Ellen Feig's picture

I am thrilled to be a part of this learning camp as one of my interests is how to engage my development english students. Currently I teach both basic skills, composition and literature to a diverse student body at a large community college. One of our focuses is on information literacy and I hvae been trying to incorporate PBL and Challenge based learning when possible. I look forward to meeting everyone.

Lesley Romanoff's picture

I am excited to join this learning community, for convenience, for diversity of thought that will be brought to the learning environment through this online option, and to build project-based learning skills. Out program will work towards state accreditation this next school year and since we develop our own curriculum (and it is project-based), it will help immensely to participate in this summer camp

Graham Bartlett's picture

Part of my work involves bringing best practices to a K-5 Charter school called Peak Academy just east of downtown Dallas. I'm looking forward to increasing my understanding of Project-based learning to share with my colleagues.

William Randel's picture

I am currently a GED teacher for Adults in Upstate NY, but am certified in Social Studies 7-12 currently in the midst of getting my masters in Special Education. I have always loved learning about new strategies to use to get students excited about learning. One of my favorite strategies is to incorporate projects into my lesson. I have never officially created a PBL project, but am looking forward to it this summer!

Sabrina's picture
Marketing Manager at Exploratorium

Hi all, my experience with project-based learning comes from, oh so luckily, watching my kids go through fabulous high school programs. I look forward to learning more about how parents can support the growth of project-based programs in our communities.

Ida Lanza's picture

We are moving into SLC's in September, along with block-scheduling and learning teams. Project Based Learning is an area we are committed to incorporating into our long term plans. I have done single subject projects but none that go across the curriculum. I am looking forward to participate in the camp. I am also heartbroken by the destruction that is happening in the Gulf due to the oil spill and I hope that some of our projects will come up with innovative and effective ways of restoring the environment and livelihood of all the people affected in the Gulf of Mexico.

Michelle Yee's picture

I joined this "camp" to focus my unit on local native peoples. My grade level studies the natives of our area and I want to make it more authentic and include more simulation and/or projects that integrate the subject areas.

Elizabeth Davidson's picture
Elizabeth Davidson
High School Math Teacher

Hello, all. I'm excited about finding out about the PBL Camp coming up. I teach at a small high school in Arizona and am interested in finding out more about PBL. I've had exposure to project planning in a prior work incarnation in the Technology field, and am interested in seeing how I could use PBL to engage my students more.

Lynda Wasser's picture
Lynda Wasser
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Hello! I am interested in project-based learning because I teach writing, which most of my students have had little exposure to. What better way to make the connection between what I am teaching in the classroom, what my students are learning in other subjects, and how they will use communication skills in the real world? My students quickly respond to writing about their science project or their social studies lesson, instead of bland, meaningless "practice sentences" from a grammar book. Current research suggests the best way to teach grammar is to focus on common mistakes, and let students build their own "grammar book" for reference. I teach vocabulary by having students incorporate weekly vocabulary words into their writing, which builds both their "working" vocabulary and written communication skills.

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