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PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

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Are you planning to attend Edutopia's PBL Camp? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us a little about yourself, what you teach, grade level and location. We look forward to "meeting" you!

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Natalie Mazzullo's picture

Lessons of the Heart, LLC's mission statement is to create innovative ideas for more engaging educational experiences. I am a quality-driven professional with over 25 years experience in education. Results-oriented with a proven record of accomplishments and success in developing educational curriculum and data-driven evaluation design. I teach clients how to maximize resources that produce successful leveraging of funds. The leadership strategies I employ assist educational institutions, non-profits and faith-based organizations in obtaining buy-in from relevant stakeholders to help at-risk, low-income, diverse populations achieve success in the areas of education and community-based learning.

I have been desiging problem / project based learning curriculum sine the late 90's. Most of the curriculum I have developed used cross-curriculum techniques to teach STEM, health education, and health career awareness.

Jan Valdes's picture

I am excited for "camp" and to learn more about Project Based Learning. I teach third grade in North Las Vegas. I would really like to learn more so that I can get my kids involved; they need something like this.

Veronica Freeman's picture

Hi. I will be started a new position as a High School Math teacher this year and I know that my new school is trying to use PBL. I would like to be able to hit the ground running when I start.

James Andrews's picture


I am looking forward to this "camp", currently I do not have a teaching assignment for this coming year but I have been in middle school math and science, but may end up someplace in a k through 5 classroom.

Tracy Fitzwater's picture
Tracy Fitzwater
K-12 Teacher-Librarian on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State

This looks interesting. I teach in a rural K-12 school/school district on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, where I'm the librarian, 6th grade math teacher, middle school Title I support teacher, as well as the teacher for a high school class, Social Studies through Technology. I use Moodle in my hs class, and am looking for ideas for this class in particular.

Jan Valdes's picture

I joined as I am really excited to learn more about Project Based Learning. I teach third grade in North Las Vegas and I feel this would be a wonderful way to get my kids more excited about learning.

Natalie Mazzullo's picture

I have been using problem / project based learning since the mid to late 90's. Mostly to teach science, math, health education,and health career awareness. More recently I am involved in the development of an online learning environment that will use project based learning to teach STEM to students worldwide using social networking.

Natalie Mazzullo's picture

[quote]I joined as I am really excited to learn more about Project Based Learning. I teach third grade in North Las Vegas and I feel this would be a wonderful way to get my kids more excited about learning.[/quote]

I am in Las Vegas. I am a retired administration with CCSD. What school do you teach at? I have a couple of really good teachers I can connect you with that are masters of PBL.

Dwan McCarthy's picture
Dwan McCarthy
K-6 special ed teacher from San Francisco, CA

Hi, everyone!
I am a special education teacher in an elementary school in the Bay Area, and am always eager to find ways to work on IEP goals (generally reading, writing, and math) using cross-curricular content. I'm looking forward to learning more!

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