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PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

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Are you planning to attend Edutopia's PBL Camp? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us a little about yourself, what you teach, grade level and location. We look forward to "meeting" you!
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Charlotte Hillis's picture
Charlotte Hillis
10th Grade ELA Inclusion, McMinnville, TN

Hi Everyone!
I'm from Middle Tennessee, and I'm starting my 10th year of teaching high school English/Language Arts. I'm very excited about the PBL camp, and can't wait for the chance to learn from other educators all over. Take care, everyone!
Charlotte Hillis

NT Malia's picture
NT Malia
Secondary English-Lanugage Arts Teacher

Aloha -

I am teacher on Hawaii island (aka Big Island) and am interested in incorporating PBL and ELA around the themes of Hawaiian culture and place (place names, place history, present community and food or sustainablity issues). I would like the students to do poetry, narratives, oral histories and/or research/persuasive pieces about their place.

I don't know where to start, but am really excited to learn from this Edutopia 'ohana (family) about the PBL methodology.

Emma Haygood's picture

I teach science electives at Berrien Springs MS in Michigan. My district has moved toward project based learning and I am on the PBL leadership team. We will be training our secondary staff this fall to implement the strategy 6th-12th grades. I was able to visit High Tech High in San Diego, CA to witness PBL in person. I think the oil leak will be a great project to kick off the beginning of the year.

Pauline Jacroux's picture

I retired in July, 2007 but am still active at the school tutoring 1st graders in reading and assisting with the gardening part of AINA IS (Actively Integrating Nutrition and Gardens in Schools) in K,1,3 and 5. We will also have our 6th Grade grandson living with us for the upcoming school year. As a teacher I used hands-on as much as possible, but not PBL which has always tantalized me as "the way to really learn".

Mel Upton's picture
Mel Upton
9th & 11th grade English teacher from New Holland, PA

Hello. I am a high school English teacher with an interest in STEM. Next year I am part of a team (English, math, social studies, science, reading) that is piloting a PBL freshman academy that we are calling "Freshman Innovations." We have planned to start the semester with a project on the oil spill, so this camp is perfect for us!

Carrie Given's picture

Hi, everyone! I am in a district that is driven by explicit direct instruction, so I'm very interested in learning how I can utilize PBL to work within the EDI environment. I don't use PBL within my classroom, but I used to be involved with AmeriCorps / Service Learning Network, so I'm familiar with service learning!

Jason Kornoely's picture
Jason Kornoely
Elementary Teacher

Hello everyone!

This was a timely PD for me. I am currently working other teachers in Michigan on an initiative to create PBL lessons.

I have been teaching for six years at Forest Hills Public schools; which is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I've taught fourth grade for five years, and third grade for one year. I have recently completed my Master's in Education Technology from Grand Valley State University.

I love getting my tech-geek fix, and I am looking forward to learning even more about PBL.

Take care everyone!


Lenneen Gibson's picture

Hi All,

I am an Assistant Principal at one of the Specialized High Schools in NYC. I am responsible for supervising teachers of all disciplines. I am also responsible for overall curriculum development. I am quite aware of PBL as I have used POGIL in the past.

I look forward to really incorporating Inquiry based labs for all Non AP science classes.

Jeanell Sullivan's picture

Hello All!! I am a high school science teacher. I teach 8th grade physical science and biology. I did my first project last year and want to do more. I'm so glad to have this opportunity to learn!! I teach in Covington, LA. We are about 90 miles off the coast and I am looking for ways to incorporate the effects of the oil spill on our coast into my projects.

Joyce Hughes's picture
Joyce Hughes
Seventh grade Math teacher from Mississippi

Hello. I have taught in the public school system for over 37 years! This is all I have ever wanted to be- a classroom teacher. :D) When I was seven years old, I taught my baby brother Richard to read from my primers. He stuttered so badly that he wouldn't read aloud at school, but he would read aloud to me sitting in my lap. I loved teaching him, and I love teaching my other "babies" even now.

I teach in a school along the Gulf Coast, and I am worried about the impact the oil spill will have on my students this upcoming school term. MANY of them have parents who shrimp, fish, play or work in the shipyards or our oil refinery. This event is bound to impact their abilities to concentrate and learn. And I am sure it will impact them negatively.( First katrina, and now all this...)

It is my hope that perhaps I can learn how to plan and implement some project-based learning into my Math class. A new way to present my concepts...

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