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PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

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Are you planning to attend Edutopia's PBL Camp? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us a little about yourself, what you teach, grade level and location. We look forward to "meeting" you!

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Lori Smith's picture
Lori Smith
First Year Teacher in Colorado


I have always had an interest in Project Based learning and recently completed my college education as a non-traditional student. For my senior Sem project, I convinced my Prof. to let me do a PBL on PBL's! It was the first time in our school for a teacher ed major to complete a non-traditional research paper-Now I am applying in a school district that uses Expedentiary Learning so am excited to join this summer camp and hopeful bring this PBL unit with me when they hire me!( I hope:)

Rosa's picture
Attempting to start a 4-8 online school

Hi everyone! I'm a middle school teacher in Los Angeles. I'm not sure what I will be teaching next year, but possibly 7th grade English and History. Whatever I teach I think that students enjoy creating authentic projects and it also gives us as educators an opportunity to push them in their thinking and creativity.

Looking forward to some great discussions and ideas during this camp. :)

Matthew Hertz's picture

Hello everyone! I am Matthew Hertz, and at 52, I have changed careers and will be teaching this fall as a licensed Theatre/Dance Teacher. I have been involved in education and theatre all my life, and am looking forward to putting the two together on a daily basis. I also love PBL, and would like to meet other theatre folk who want to see how we can tie PBL and Theatre Arts together in some curriculum/lesson plans.

Don't just have a great day...MAKE it a great day!

Niels Walkau's picture

Hello everyone! I've joined this camp to work on a cool idea to bring more relevance to my chemistry classroom. Also working on bringing inquiry based science learning this summer as well. Hoping to merge PBL and inquiry skills into a dynamite unit that we will be working on this summer! Looking forward to colaborating with you all.

Laura Luna's picture

Hello! I am a high school mathematics teacher with about 16 years of experience. I have recently moved from a small, rural system where I used my own project based learning in many classes to a large, suburban system. I have encountered more challenges in the larger system, and I am looking forward to finding encouragement and support for developing projects that work in my current environment.

Wayne Tuttle's picture
Wayne Tuttle
intermediate teacher from Casper, Wyoming

Thrilled to be part of the camp. I have always wanted to learn more about PBL and that desire was increased last week. I attended the Model Schools conference in Florida. All of the elementary schools that were having great success were using PBL. I committed to learning more. This week, I saw the information about this camp. Must be good karma. I will be teaching a 4-5 combo this year by myself and I am thinking PBL can be a great help with that combination. Any great ideas for the 4-5 combo would also be greatly appreciated.

Tara Savolt's picture

I teach 8th Grade Physical Science and one section of Computer Projects. Our computer projects' class focuses on the PBL approach while integrating technology. I am looking for better ways to implement and organize projects and thought this would be a great opportunity to gain from a diverse group of people who are interested in the same thing. I think the Gulf Oil Spill would be a great kick off project next year for my group. You never know what the amazing minds of children might come up with.

Tim Herrmann's picture
Tim Herrmann
Chemistry Teacher

I teach science--mostly chemistry--at Hoosac Valley High School in Cheshire, MA. I am planning to attend the PBL camp in a few weeks.

This past year was my 6th year of teaching, and looking back at what has worked and what hasn't, I am realizing that my students benefit more from struggling with difficult issues and being able to think through solutions rather than digesting and regurgitating pre-determined answers to formulaic questions.

In April I attended a talk led by Ron Berger (author of An Ethic of Excellence) and have become motivated to change not just my own teaching but the culture of my school. I'm not entirely sure how I can implement meaningful projects throughout my curricula, but I am willing to try, knowing that the status quo is starting to be weighed down by mediocrity.

Elizabeth Davidson's picture
Elizabeth Davidson
High School Math Teacher

I teach math, computers and a reading class at a small rural high school on a Native Amrican reservation. I am looking forward to learning about ways to create interesting and culturally relevant projects for my students.

Dev Rodgers's picture

Hey all!

I'm a Program Coordinator at a high school in the Los Angeles Unified School District. I'm also a college professor of instructional technology. In addition, I'm a doctoral student in Education Leadership whose dissertation focus is within instructional tech.

I look forward to building this project with you to share with my students and colleagues.

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