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PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

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Are you planning to attend Edutopia's PBL Camp? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us a little about yourself, what you teach, grade level and location. We look forward to "meeting" you!

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Jenny McAvoy-Anteau's picture

Hi! I am a special education teacher at the high school level in AK. I have done small projects with my classes and have been wanted to expand to truly create project based learning opportunities for my students. I am excited about participating in the PBL camp as I learn best by doing!

Zahra A. Belyea's picture
Zahra A. Belyea
9-12 English Teacher, Arlington, MA

Hello Everyone:

My name is Zahra Belyea, and I am a High School English Teacher. I was very exited to hear about this opportunity to learn more about and participate in PBL. I look forward to working with all of you.


Zahra Belyea

Marsha's picture
Instructional Technology Specialist

As an Instructional Technology Specialist with 8 elementary schools, I look forward to Camp PBL this summer to find new and better ways to implement PBLs into the daily instruction in my schools.

Jaime's picture

I was excited to be offered the opportunity to take this learning camp opportunity! I would like to learn more about project based learning and ultimately use it in my middle school methods course.

Laura mason's picture

Good evening to all! I am thrilled to have received this information today. I have been implementing project based learning for quite some time in my classrooms. I have been teaching Social Studies in high school for 11 years and always look for a new twist on engaging students. Ironically my superintendent and I were just discussing a project using this topic cross curriculum. KY is a part of the CCSSO national program to disrupt learning in America in such a way that all students become authentic learners so we can compete globally. I am the teacher representative for the state and certainly believe in programd like this. I can't wait to discuss issues with you all and share ideas.

Donna Milner's picture
Donna Milner
Elementary Media Specialist

I am looking forward to this opportunity to finally get some formal training on PBL. I've read a lot on my own and dabbled with it with my students and teachers. I hope to get some concrete tips on organizing and managing the projects so I can share them with the teachers at my school. I have also invited my two media specialist interns to join us.

Ebony's picture
Educator, Learner, Innovator

I currently serve NYC public school educators as a Technology Integration Coordinator and bring with me experience as an Instructional Technology Specialist, curriculum developer, coordinator of out-of-school-time activities, a leader in fostering school-corporate partnerships and a career in the construction industry. I have taught Electronics and Pre-Engineering for several years at a Career and Technical Education High School and still keep in touch with many of my former students via Facebook.

In my role as a Technology Integration Coordinator, I directly support school based educators (classroom teachers and administrators) with using instructional technology to support the collaborative inquiry process. While engaging in collaborative inquiry, teachers systematically work together to identify common challenges, analyze relevant student data, and test new instructional strategies with the goal of developing teacher's professional practice and increasing student achievement.

My supports range from helping classroom teachers and administrators (as well as Network Teams) develop their skills using Microsoft Excel and the NYCDOE accountability tools for data analysis to using interactive whiteboards, web 2.0 tools and instant response systems to engage students through the lens of collaborative inquiry. On occasion I have the opportunity to push-in to a classroom to support a teacher and work with students.This is what I enjoy the most.

As an educator, I believe I can fully realize my personal mission to "make a positive difference through service to others."

Lindsey DeFauw's picture
Lindsey DeFauw
5th grade teacher from Michigan

Hello everyone. I am very excited to work with all of you this summer as I learn more about PBL. Our school is moving toward a more STEM based environment, and I am looking forward to using PBL effectively in my classroom. See you all in July :)

Peg Nicholson's picture
Peg Nicholson
Family & Consumer Sciences teacher, Missouri

I am glad to be a part of this group and excited about PBL camp. I have used project based learning in my FACS classes and am eager to learn more and do it better.

Tina Dahlby's picture


I am a Grade 5 teacher in British Columbia, Canada. I have not used PBL in the classroom but am interested in learning more about it. I would like to create a project involving our local watershed with language arts. Very excited about "camp"!

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