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PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

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Are you planning to attend Edutopia's PBL Camp? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us a little about yourself, what you teach, grade level and location. We look forward to "meeting" you!

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Lisa Pumphrey's picture

I teach middle school math in Bossier City, LA. I took an technology facilitator class in the spring and we had a lesson the PBL. I wanted to learn more, so I was excited when I saw this opportunity!

Debby Yates's picture

I have taught for four years in private schools and college settings.
I student teach for Fall 2010. I like Edutopia and think whatever they recommend would be great to try!

Debby Yates

Joan Cansdale's picture
Joan Cansdale
Middle school ELA teacher

Have used PBL in my middle school ELA classes off and on for several years. Looking for opportunities to discuss successful strategies and content.

Shelley herzke's picture

I teacher Junior kindergarten (4 and 5year olds) in Memphis, Tennessee. Our JK classes are interested in project based learning. We introduced it last year during our Farm unit. We would like to see it used through out the school year. I am anxious to learn new ways to engage my students and continue to fuel their excitement for learning!

Elvira Paoletti's picture

I am working with parents to create a small, independent learning study center for students K-7. My own son is going to a high school centered on PBL. I have always included projects in my teaching style, but am excited to delve deeper in the meaning and function of PBL.

Jenn Dunham's picture

I employed my own idea of PBL for the first 5 years of my teaching career. As the district focused on power standards, GLE's, new initiatives, and state testing, I was less able to create and execute meaningful PBL experiences. Similarly, my colleagues and I have less time to design such projects.

My passion remains as I have evidence to prove that PBL is a more effective way to engage all students in learning. Shouldn't that be our primary focus?

I'm looking forward to collaborating with others and rolling out this project in October!

Bobbi Combs's picture
Bobbi Combs
High School Language Arts, Cincinnati

I am a high school Language Arts teacher in the Greater Cincinnati Area. I have used PBL for years, and I looking forward to sharing ideas and learning from others!

Linda R.'s picture
Linda R.
Sixth Grade LA/Lit Teacher

Hi to all -
For the past eight years, I've been a sixth grade language arts and literature teacher at a middle school that is organized in houses. I have been in education for 28 years. Last year, our district was very close to beginning a charter school. I was part of the planning committee and would likely have been part of the core to kick it off. It was to be a PBL Charter. We had state support, but at the last minute, the district realized it couldn't afford to support it - due to staff cuts, etc. Even so, I remain very excited to continue playing with PBL and learning what others are doing.

My husband is an eighth grade math teacher and a high school track coach. We're often find ourselves talking shop, sharing articles, and discussing philosophy in our spare time. Our oldest son is married, our middle son will be starting college in the fall, and our youngest will be a sixth grade student in my house.

I'm looking forward to learning from everyone participating in this camp.


Renee Montana's picture
Renee Montana
Middle and High School teacher for severely traumatized/behavioral youth

Hello everyone,
I just got the email about the PBL summer camp today and am very excited! This workshop will be starting just as my summer master's class ends...so I am excited. I am a special education teacher with certifications to teach k - 12. I teach special education students between the ages of 13 - 18 who have been highly/repeatedly traumatized and have behavior challenges. This year I am teaching science, health, life skills, and history. Our students have a variety of diagnosis including ADHD, PTSD, ODD, NVLD, attachment disorders and a whole host of other diagnosis that impede and interfere with traditional learning. I love PBL and have tried it somewhat sporadically in the past. I am self taught in the area of PBL but having gone to college during the whole language era, I do have a propensity for going off book frequently and finding knowledge in the real word. I am ready to implement PBL in my science classes to start and would eventually like to expand them into the other academic areas I teach. SO I am very ready to learn more and gather new ideas then put them to use with my kids. BTW, we did a lot of work and study about the oil spill when it occurred and my students wrote some pretty angry letters to Tony Hayward.

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