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PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

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Are you planning to attend Edutopia's PBL Camp? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us a little about yourself, what you teach, grade level and location. We look forward to "meeting" you!

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Debbi Jayne-Hutchinson's picture
Debbi Jayne-Hutchinson
secondary teacher, special education/intervention

I am in California, and eagerly looking forward to utilizing iPads, technology, and PBL to facilitate learning for our second language students. As we know, PBL is build around good educational-inquiry discussions, I want to foster this for our high school students.

Mansi Juneja's picture
Mansi Juneja
Core team Member at Idea Center for Educational research

Hi All

I am Mansi from Indi. I have completed my masters in Counselling Psychology. I would love to be the part of the Project Base Learning Camp. As i have worked as a teacher also so now I would like to bridge path pf knowledge and practical knowledge in the daily life.

Elizabeth Stern's picture
Elizabeth Stern
High School Science Teacher from Ann Arbor, Michigan

I teach project based science in a program that also integrates Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry. I'm interested in freshening-up my approach and including a unit of such great relevance to all of us.

Danielle Roberts's picture

I just completed my first year of teaching in central Florida. I joined this camp to learn more. I am always trying to learn more that can be used in my classroom.

Michele Falabella's picture

Hello. I am very excited to be working with a group. I am flexible in my content because I teach K-12. I would like to incorporate technology in the beginning of a unit, to give my students more thqan one opportunity to learn new materials.

Jennifer Cagle-Ensley's picture

I am looking forward to learning more about PBL and how to use it in my first grade classroom. I am really looking forward to intergrating the ideas I learn from this summer camp. :)

April Lilley's picture
April Lilley
Principal - HIES

We are just getting started in the transformation from traditional to PBL. Our school is K-8, one class per grade level. Our middle school would like to start the year with the oil spill topic. I am the principal and welcome any getting started ideas.

Julie Carey's picture
Julie Carey
Director of Arts and Science at inner-city K-8 in Denver, CO

I'm planning a PD for teachers from my school who are interested in Project Based Learning. I am eager to gain ideas and insights from this camp. Specifically, I coordinate project-based enrichment elective classes that I would like to help teachers improve.

Daniela Guardiola's picture

I hope that it isn't too late to join in. I've taught 1st grade bilingual at DISD in Texas. I am working on my Library Science certificate and would love to find ways to have students use PBL strategies in the library.

Kelly Jones's picture
Kelly Jones
3rd grade teacher from Georgia

I'm so excited to learn how to use PBL this year and the topic is a great one to explore. I'm getting a "gifted" class this year and need to stretch my learning and offer more choices for students to show their understanding. Can't wait!

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