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VT - NH - MA - NY Project-Based Learning visits?

Sean Anderson

Hello all you inspiring educators!

I am a teacher in a Pre Technical Studies program in South Eastern Vermont. We're actively considering restructuring our program to be centered around Project-Based Learning for next year. This website, and, have been invaluable in our early steps on this journey. I think it would be a great push in the right direction if we could get out of our own building and see some PBL in practice.

Anybody out there have suggestions for GREAT programs that we could come check out? We'd be happy to travel a bit... Western New Hampshire, Northern Mass, upstate NY even... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

Sean Anderson

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PBL Site Visits

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Hi Sean,
Great to hear of your interest in PBL, and great idea to plan some site visits. There's no better way to learn about this approach than to see it in action and talk with students and teachers.
Here are a couple networks of wall-to-wall PBL schools you might find helpful:
New Tech Network includes several schools in NY:
Expeditionary Learning model is used by schools across the NE region:
Meanwhile, I look forward to others' suggestions about sites worth visiting.
Good luck--and please keep us posted on what you discover!

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