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Getting Started with PBL

Peter Holskin Teacher in a public alternative h.s. in Connecticut

I'm not sure this is a new discussion, but our staff is in the earlier stages of considering integrating PBL into our program. We are a public alternative high school with sixty students, both special ed. and regular ed. Most students come to us seeking a smaller, more personal environment, and a desire to ear their high school diploma. Motivation, engagement, effort, accountability, and lack of discipline characterize many of our kids. Many are quite capable. They have been turned off to learning, and have learned strategies that have helped them just get by in traditional settings.

How to initially engage them in PBL, how to get started is a basic, yet critical question for us. I would imagine there are folks out there who have been in similar situations, and I'd appreciate the input they have based on their experiences.

I'm also wondering what work in the area of collaboration, communication, problem solving, etc. needs to be done prior to starting a PBL project.

I'll put this out for now, and see where it leads. Thanks.

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