Project learning can inspire the best of high-performance teamwork, or it can be devolve into unfocused chaos. How can we support each other to keep our eye on the prize? Share your project ideas, questions, and implementation experiences.

See You at PBL Chat

Suzie Boss Journalist and PBL advocate

Have you taken part in PBLchat yet? This weekly discussion on Twitter brings together a diverse audience of teachers, school leaders, students, and even parents to talk about specific aspects of project-based learning. It's a great community to tap if you have questions about PBL or fresh ideas you're ready to share.
This blog post explains how PBLchat works and how it's helping to support professional learning:
Next PBLchat takes place Tuesday, Jan. 31, 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST. See you there!

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