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Proof that PBL works vs. standard lectures

Proof that PBL works vs. standard lectures

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Hi all, I am looking for a study or some proof that PBL works better than standard lecture based classes. Yes, I know that it is obvious, or should be. However, for people who have never been exposed to PBL and are used to only lecture classes, it can be a hard concept. I need something fairly easy to understand that I can show traditional teachers and those who have little/no experience with PBL. If possible, some numbers, such as percentages, would be very useful. I've been looking, but have not found this kind of thing. If you could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Hans

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Tim Henry's picture

You want proof that PBL works better than lecture based classes for what? Many of the things PBL works great for aren't measured in standardized tests, like engaging students, stimulating critical thinking, collaboration, and differentiation.

It will be hard to find this type of study, especially one with teachers that have little experience with PBL. Staff development in PBL remains a major hole in implementing PBL in our schools.

Good luck!

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