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How does my School get started with Project Learning

How does my School get started with Project Learning

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Can anyone help me fellow teachers get started with Project Learning.

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Sal Vascellaro's picture
Sal Vascellaro
Graduate Faculty at Bank Street College of Education in New York City

In my recent book, OUT OF THE CLASSROOM AND INTO THE WORLD, I explore this topic from the perspective of teachers and children, and demonstrate the ways a number of teachers generate project work as part of vital curricula. In each case it is the world around children that offers the rich raw material.
Sal Vascellaro

Eric Goldstein's picture
Eric Goldstein
Teacher & Executive Director: One World Education

Great question. Schools rarely start project-based learning initiatives all at once - it starts one teacher at a time. As I've seen in my own work, the effect of one teacher creating engaging project-based initiatives in a school spreads as students share their excitement with other teachers. If you are not this teacher, find one who is in your school and observe, seek collaboration, and suggest ways to integrate your practice into theirs. A core focus of our work at One World Education (www.oneworldeducation) is to deliver engaging project-based learning activities to teachers to meet the goals I believe you seek in your teaching.

Tim Thomas's picture
Tim Thomas
Fifth grade teacher (GATE) Anaheim, CA

Starting with one teacher - I work in projects where I can, but our test-focused environment makes it risky. Also I'm in the dark, re-inventing the wheel. There are lots of resources, but can anyone suggest a resource that can be my training wheels?

Rebecca Williams's picture
Rebecca Williams
Grade 3 teacher in Guatemala City, Guatemala

I'm a brand new teacher and I'm wanting to work projects into my classroom. My school doesn't have much curriculum to speak of; we have benchmarks, two up-to-date textbooks, and some resources. I feel that my students would benefit more from projects than worksheets (and quite honestly, I feel like assigning yet another lame worksheet is a cop-out). I'm letting my kids down by not providing them with projects that are motivating, engaging, and challenging.

So my question is... where can I find great project ideas for all subjects?

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