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Focus on the message rather than technology

drofilm1 Curriculum Leader: digital film communication grades 10-11-12

What are the fundamental challenges of the 21st century skills?

Challenge #1 (in my view)

Focus on the message
Use technology because you need it to convey the message.

As opposed to:
Learn the technology and then try to find something to do with it.

Here is an example of a film created for the message, using technology properly.

What do you think?

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Education and Outreach - Arts for Social Change Director

Creating thinkers not doers

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21st century learning isn't about simply knowing how to do things. It's about critically evaluating the resources necessary to achieve the goal and then marshaling those resources effectively. One of my favorite phrases is "It's the process, not the product" By focusing on the message you focus on the process and quite frankly if the process is strong, the product will in turn be strong. Helping students gain the self confidence to know that they can learn anything means they'll be flexible and creative in the workforce of the future.

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