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PBL project: 6th grade: What should education look like for me to succeed?

PBL project: 6th grade: What should education look like for me to succeed?

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I am wanting to help 6th graders investigate what education "looks" like in other countries. Also, investigate views on the United States education system compared to other countries. Students are determining what is needed in their education to ensure their success. Any ideas or resources welcomed!

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Suzie Boss's picture
Suzie Boss
Journalist and PBL advocate
Blogger 2014

Hi Tina,
You might want to take a look at the Success Project, developed by West Virginia teacher Deb Austin Brown. The project challenges students to think hard about what success means. They interview adult role models to learn more about their life experiences, including education. You can learn more at: http://debaustinbrown.com/success-project/
Good luck!

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