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PBL ideas for Language Arts

MelH 7th Grade ELA teacher, New Jersey

Good evening! I'm new to group and have been intrigued by the wonderful ideas/resources I've learned about by scrolling though the posts. This year will be my first time really going full-steam ahead with PBL. I'm excited, but I'm also feeling overwhelmed because I'm not exactly sure where to begin. I've done a ton of research this summer about PBL, but I'd like to hear from those who have been there, done that...especially middle school language arts teachers. What types of projects are you planning for this school year?

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Fifth grade English teacher from South Georgia

Anything out there for 5th

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Anything out there for 5th grade English?

[quote]Dear MelH,

Welcome to Edutopia, it's a new school year here too, so we are creating new resources for our community of teachers, educators, and parents etc.

We are just beginning a new Edutopia Wikispace for teachers to share their curriculum and classroom resources and management tools...

Since you are doing Middle School ELA, I can share a wonderful wikispace link exactly from a Middle School ELA colleague in Illinois: Christina Nakazaki. School Literature & Language Arts Wiki by Christina Nakazaki

You can see that she is very organized and has specific lessons and writing

process assignments and handouts already loaded online...

I like her student introductory essay: "3 Things About Me", which is in her "Writing Process Notes and Handouts" section. She has about a dozen other "slideshow" presentations at her wiki to explore and contact her about...

At Edutopia you are not alone, we are working to create Professional Learning Networks online and our wikispace is (literally :-) just beginning...

Check back in the coming weeks to see our links of colleagues growing quickly...and join in...

"Prompt, Pre-write, Rough Draft, Peer-responding, Self-reflection, Editing, Final Proof..." Hand it in... :-)

Always Remember to Stagger the Class Writing Assignments, so you have a Life on the Weekends... :-)

to be continued...


Community Manager at Edutopia

Hi Dianne, welcome. This

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Hi Dianne, welcome. This thread is a little old now, and I don't believe most of the original commenters are still participating.

If you start a new discussion though (there's a link to do so in the left sidebar), I'll see what I can do to direct some attention to it.

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