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Art + Film + Teachers

Art + Film + Teachers

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Hello there,

I will post a more lengthy reflection later. But I just finished leading a professional development workshop at LACMA's Art + Film Institute. We used iPads to make miniature diorama movies. I was so impressed with what the teachers came up with.

The link below shows they sets they built and a bit of the moviemaking technique. I created little stand for iPads specifically to be used for moviemaking on this scale.

I'll send a link later once the museum post the results of the workshop on their blog.


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Becky Fisher's picture
Becky Fisher
Education Consultant

I just recently discovered how the iPad is being used to create art after visiting the David Hockney exhibit at the De Young museum in SF:

I was so impressed and began thinking about all the ways to use iPads to create art in the classroom. I love how you used iPads to create mini diorama movies. It's such an exciting idea. Thanks for sharing!

Brick Maier's picture

Hi Becky,

That's so funny you referenced David Hockney, his work was featured in the exhibit the teachers drew inspiration from at LACMA.

The idea is that teachers choose a piece of art/sculpture as the starting point for a story. The they look at the meaning the artwork and what translates into the diorama world. The particular exhibit the teachers used was centered on the Mexican filmmaker Gabriel Figueroa.

Over the 3 days teachers wrote, shot, edited and shared their movie. We used iPad minis with iMovie and 8mm installed. 8mm is a great app that can apply filters to the video to achieve a certain look. Some teachers really used this to great effect to create film from different eras.

iMovie for ios 7 introduced a number of new powerful editing tools, but I feel like Apple obscured some this through its minimal design. You are left with learning a new set of icons that are very small and thin and light. A number of the important icons are across the bottom of the screen which made editing with the ipad mini in a case difficult. That being said, once you learn the new icons and sharpen your eyes, it really is a powerful tool for editing.

I created 14 short video tutorials explaining iMovie ios7 as part of the work shop. If you are interested here is the link on my site.

Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Manager

Interesting conversation. There was a blog post late last year that also looked to the Hockney exhibit at the DeYoung for inspiration for what can be done with the smartphone or tablet.

It's All in the Thumbs: What David Hockney Can Teach Schools About Technology

Also, there's discussion about film in the classroom that you might find interesting:

6 Tips for Making the Most of Film in the Classroom

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