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Blog: collegeviewprojectbased.blogspot.com

Blog: collegeviewprojectbased.blogspot.com

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The College View Blog will be a platform where resources can be share ideas on project-based-learning. The purpose of this blog is to trigger a sort of systematic curiosity about going beyond the edges of what we know and do, to find out, how we could do different or better in relation to project-based-learning. Teachers from all grade levels, will be able to go to College View Blog and see what others do in order to questioning, exploring and reflecting on their own practices. Having access to the experiences of many others on project-based-learning, will help all of us to get in contact with “local” knowledge that relates to our own teaching practices.

Help me make this blog a success. You can send a description of your picture, student work,title of the project, target strategies, your name, school name and your grade level to collegeview123@gmail.com

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Samer Rabadi
Community Manager at Edutopia

Hi Sally. You may want to post the link to your blog. Since your post is on-topic and relevant, it won't be considered spam.

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