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Free Web Sites for Integrating Technology into Project-Based Learning

Jessica Piper

Hey, guys! I have tons of sites that I personally use in my 7-8 Writing class every year. I thought some of you interested in PBL may like to see the things I am doing, and maybe you can add to the discussion with sites you are using. Thanks so much!!!


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Technology teacher grades 5-12

Jessica, thanks so much this

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Jessica, thanks so much this is one of the most useful lists of lessons I have seen lately. I am working at spicing up my lessons for middle school this year so these are going to be great for my 8th grade class.

Technology Teacher, K-5

Thank you for sharing this

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Thank you for sharing this information. My district has Tech Tuesdays which I enjoy. I am looking forward to learning more about the animation site!

Edutopia Consulting Online Editor

Thank you, Jessica!

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We appreciate you sharing these sites and your resources, Jessica!

Teachers, please share the ways you integrate tech and project-based learning in your classrooms.

Rebecca Alber

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