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Seeking educators to pilot a new online PBL Program - The World Savvy Challenge

Charmagne Campbell-Patton Program Manager at World Savvy

I am the Program Manager for the World Savvy Challenge, a project-based learning program for middle and high school students. This year we are piloting an online component of the program, where students can engage remotely and present their research and solutions to real world problems through the creation of websites and documentaries. The theme for the research is Sustainable Communities. If you are a middle or high school educator and are looking for a new PBL program for your students, I'd love to have you involved in the pilot of the new World Savvy Challenge online competition! To learn more, visit:

If you're interested, e-mail me at


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Sounds like an interesting idea! Have you ever used It's a site created to enable students to manage group projects online and provides them a safe and free way to collaborate, communicate and learn project management.

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