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"Ripped from the Headlines" Projects

Suzie Boss Journalist and PBL advocate

Are you interested in teaming up with virtual colleagues to plan a project that leverages high-interest headlines?
(See my blog post for details:
Let's use this discussion thread to share project ideas and make connections. Feel free to start a new discussion if you have a specific idea you'd like to invite others to join. (Hint: Use "Ripped from the Headlines" in your discussion title to help others find it.)
Be sure to include your grade level/subject area or interdisciplinary options.

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Journalist and PBL advocate

Resources from ISTE Session (Ripped from Headlines)

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Thanks to those who attended this session at ISTE, and special thanks to our three guests. Great discussion!
Resources and links mentioned during the session are available on the ISTE discussion page:

Education and Outreach - Arts for Social Change Director

Sounds like your on a similiar track

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I love your creating projects from headlines. We are leveraging popular culture in a similar way. It would be great to chat about what you are doing.

check out our site:

and let me know if you want to chat.

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