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World Geography Podcast Collaboration on Edmodo

Audrey Alamo 9th Grade World Geography New Braunfels, Texas

Interested in collaborating? Looking for a high school geography teacher (or similar) to join classes for a simple idea. For the second half of our first project, students will be creating short podcasts about the most extreme places on earth. What are they like? How would we get there? What we need to bring? And in what ways is this place significant? If you were interested in having your class do something similar, we could have our students listen and comment on each others podcasts. We're a ninth grade class of about 140ish kids, in New Braunfels, Texas, and would be into this project about three weeks into school (mid September). I think we'll be using GarageBand or imovie to create the podcasts, but not sure yet. Interested?
We will be using Edmodo as our primary platform for embedding podcasts, collaboration and commenting. So, preferably you are planning on using edmodo with your classes.
If interested, please email me at aalamo(at)

Looking forward to collaborating!

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