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Quantitative teacher evaluation



My name is Julien, graduate student in policy making and research associate with, an educational website whose mission is to inspire and connect people who are passionate about learning.

I have a research project to evaluate different ways of measuring teacher performance. My task is to identify the best data to correlate to teacher and student success. I am new to this and interested in all ideas. Some specific questions include:

- Sources of data
- Effective models
- What doesn't work
- Etc.

In other words, what does it take to be a good teacher?

I am writing here hoping that you could share your thoughts with me on teacher evaluation issues, particularly your stance on quantitative evaluation of teachers. What kind of data would you incorporate in the equation?

I would greatly appreciate if you could get back to me. You can reach me at 862 266 9552 or email me at
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,


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