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Amazing PBL video on TED.com

Amazing PBL video on TED.com

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Hi Everyone! Do yourself a favor and watch the new TED video (www.ted.com) about the World Peace Game. It is an amazing PBL framework which looks as if it could be adapted up for students through high school (it's demonstrated at the 4th grade level). The teacher's name is John Hunter. I'm hoping he has paperwork on the project so that it will be easy to share with other teachers. Mary Kate

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Jennifer Fenton's picture
Jennifer Fenton
Technology for Learning Coordinator @ International School of Geneva

I have been so inspired by this video & I want to do something like this with my class. I have been searching and cannot seem to find any documents to support the implementation of this game. I know there are Master Classes being set up in the States by the WorldPeaceGame org, but as an international teacher in Hong Kong, I'm not going to have access to any of these. Does anyone know where there might be rules or ideas that would support this type of game's implementation? I would greatly appreciate any leads! Thanks!

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