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Letter From Student Based on My Previous Post

Letter From Student Based on My Previous Post

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" We asked our Technology Education teacher for help before we came in contact with you, and he said he does not have the time to devote for outside school projects. SO is a program run by parent volunteers and they have been a great help with knowledge events like Anatomy and Disease Detectives etc. in guiding us to the right resources. But building events like 'MagLev' and 'E-Wright' are absolutely new for us. Students doing 'Bottle Rockets' and 'Towers' are in a better shape as there is a lot of material available from previous competitions. The aero-modeler hobbyist at Hobby Hangar said he could help us with the RC plane models that were hanging in the shop but knew nothing about balsa, tissue and capacitors. So we are truly blessed to have found you! Even if our plane does not fly as expected, we did learn a lot in this process. We had no idea what airfoil and dihedral and many other terms meant just 3 weeks back! We just want to give it our best shot. You have been very patient and helpful and we would not be here without your constant guidance and encouragement. Thank you."

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